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The days of tightly controlled marketing communications are over. The traditional model has been replaced by the buzz of dialogue, and conversation is king. Are you part of it?

Social trends

With more and more people using social media online today – whether through networks like Facebook and Twitter, content-sharing sites like YouTube and Flickr, or business networks like LinkedIn – the dialogue this generates is increasingly influential. Not just on the internet but in the real world, too.

A strategic approach to social media

While many do this, we wouldn't recommend the use of social media for its own sake. Like any business activity, it needs to be strategic. By listening carefully to your business needs and what people are saying on social media, we can help you to adopt an approach that is right for you. As a leading social media consultancy, we specialise in the development and delivery of innovative, creative, customised approaches to social media that will complement, or drive, your marketing strategy.

Get the answers you need

How should you engage with your customers through social media? What could you use social media for? Who should be responsible for responding to social media posts? How do you listen to and make sense of the noise? How do you gauge social media’s impact? How do you decide how much to spend on social media? Should you develop your own Facebook app?

These are just some of the questions TechTouch social media consultants in Toronto can help you answer. If you are looking for an experienced Toronto social media company to guide your Facebook and Twitter strategies, TechTouch can help.

For expert social media marketing advice, contact TechTouch today.

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