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Web Development

Share, empower and engage: make full use of the internet.

TechTouch’s web development services put the internet’s full capabilities at your disposal. Whatever you need to do online, we have the web development expertise to make it happen.

Web development at TechTouch covers much more than websites. Our Toronto web developers specialise in everything from web software and ecommerce development to social media and training portals. TechTouch’s web solutions open up the limitless possibilities of the internet to your business.

Get closer to your customers. Improve your communications. Connect people wherever they are in the world. Enable your staff to work in ways that were not previously possible.

Cutting edge web development for businesses and entrepreneurs


Our ecommerce developers build B2C ecommerce and B2B ecommerce sites from scratch, upgrade live ecommerce sites and integrate ecommerce sites with other enterprise systems.

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Content management systems

For a CMS developed specifically for your business – allowing for great web design and giving your web editors full control over what you publish online – get an TechTouch CMS website solution. You could go from scratch or get a customised open source or off-the-shelf solution using Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco, SharePoint or Sitefinity.

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Mobile websites

With iPhones, iPads, Blackberry and Android smartphones and tablets everywhere, the internet is mobile – making your website more accessible than ever. Take full advantage of this great new route to market by getting a Toronto web developer on board who specialises in mobile website design.

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Intranet systems

As your business grows it can get harder, and more expensive, to keep the right people working together and sharing the information they need securely. TechTouch’s web development experts build custome intranet systems with collaboration and data security in mind.

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Social media

Whether it's your own social media community you want to create or a plug-in for an existing social media website like Facebook, TechTouch’s web developers build robust, well-designed and engaging solutions.

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TechTouch’s web development teams also specialise in e-learning systems and training portals for companies to use internally, for B2E staff development for example, or externally, when selling B2C training courses to customers online.

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Web development from TechTouch’s puts virtually every aspect of our digital and online expertise at your disposal. Contact us today to find out how our web developers in Toronto can help you.

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